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Related article: Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 09:50:31 -0500 From: Mike Richart Subject: Caught by my BrotherIt started when I was 13 years old. I started to explore my body beyond jerking off even though I had been playing with my dick since I was 9. It would get hard at the slightest site of a naked picture or even the thought of it. I used to go into my parent's bedroom when I was alone because they had shag carpet and I would take off my clothes and grind into it and rub my smooth ass. I always got hard and it felt good, but at that age, nothing happened. However, the first time pink porn loli I came was on that carpet, but that's another story.Now 16, I started to touch my asshole. I'm not sure why it started, maybe it was out of boredom from just stroking my dick, but I liked it. I can still remember the first time I touched it; it tickled a little. I just lightly touched it to see what it was like. For a long time I just felt around the outside, rubbing my finger all over it playing with the little bit hair I had there. I didn't have much hair on my ass, at least not as much as the guys I saw in gym class. Some of them had a lot of hair, but I had just a little patch. I liked it that way.I soon started to lick my fingers and use it to wet my hole so that it was slippery as I rubbed it. This sent chills up and down my body and I started to cum much more intensely. I wanted more.After a couple of weeks of doing this, I tried putting Vaseline on my finger so that my asshole would stay slippery longer. That's when my finger slipped inside for the first time. I got it loli boys nude so slippery that as I was rubbing around, it slid in. Up until then, I loli post bbs forum had made it a point not to push it in because I didn't want my finger getting dirty, but I got such a great feeling this time. I started experimenting further. I pulled my legs up to my chest and reached around my thigh to see if I could get my finger in further. I learned that as I relaxed my hole I could put my finger in up to my hand. It was so warm and smooth inside. I felt around for a little bit, exploring. I pulled it out and slid it back in and then again and again and again. I started fucking my asshole with my finger. I couldn't believe how good this felt. The load I shot that time flew over my head. I didn't even clean up, it felt so good; I immediately started doing it and jerking off again.Within weeks I was sitting on my hands every day. I never jerked off without fingering my asshole. I worked up to putting 3 of them inside me, but usually could only fuck myself well with two, as it was the most I could use to pump in and out while I was reaching back pedo loli top there. I soon wanted more.I searched the house looking for items to use to pleasure myself. I tried frozen hot dogs but they were too cold. I thought about buying one of the dildos that I found on the Internet, but I lolicon nymphets was afraid someone would find it in the mail before me. Then I found it, a long fat round tapered candle in with my Mom's stuff. It looked like it had been there a while, so I figured she wouldn't miss it. As soon as I found it, I felt my dick start to get hard. I immediately went to my room, got naked and used my new candle.I lay down on my bed, hard and anxious. I put Vaseline on it and on my ass. I pulled my legs up to my chest and slowly slid the candle in. I thought my fingers felt good, but they were nothing in comparison, this made me moan so much more so that I could only use it when I was home alone because it felt so great. I shot massive loads with that candle and I was very careful about using it, at least I thought I was.I had been thinking about jerking off all day at school and I was really horny. As soon as I got off the bus I ran to my room. Mom wouldn't be home for a couple of hours and my brother had baseball practice until 6, I could use the candle. I was ecstatic. I pulled my jeans off and my shirt, but I left my boxers on. I liked to start by sliding my hand up my leg and feeling my dick, as it got hard. I played with my asshole with my fingers until I couldn't take it any longer. I threw off the boxers and got my candle.I slowly pushed it in. I almost came because I had been waiting all day for it and it felt so good and I was so horny. I got on the floor, doggy style and reached around to push that candle in my asshole. My face was in the carpet, I was moaning loud. That's why I never heard him come in. But I did hear his laughter and it scared the shit out of me. loli nudity pic I jumped up quickly and there stood my brother, laughing hysterically.I started to shake and cry. He just walked away to his room. I ran to his room. "What do you want faggot?" He asked. I cried, "I'm not a loli bbs dark sexo faggot." "Yeah right, only faggots like to shove shit up their ass.""Are you going to tell Mom?" I questioned."Of course." He replied. I begged, "Please don't. I'll do whatever you want, but you can't tell Mom. I'll stop doing it."He thought for a second, and then he said it. "Alright, I won't tell if you suck my dick." "What? Are you serious?" I questioned. "Yeah dude and I mean anytime I cp pics tgp loli want it. If you suck me, I won't tell." "I'm not sucking your dick." "Suit yourself, but you know what will happen."That was it. I knew I'd be in big trouble. I pensively agreed "Alright I'll suck your hentai loli porn dick," he had his jeans down before I finished my sentence. He was rock hard and he had a big dick. He was 17 so he was a little more grown up than I was. I didn't really know what to do so he said "just put it in your mouth and move back and forth with your head." As soon as I touched it with my lips he began to whimper and breathe heavy. "Oh loliat god that feels good, free preeteen naked lolits dudes. loli teen nude Can you take a little more?" I began to slide further back on his dick and he put his hand on my head to move it a little faster. That's when he groaned and shook and quickly pulled his dick out of my mouth and shot his load all over my shirt."I guess I have to do you now." "Nope I said, I came while I was sucking it." He laughed. "Don't worry man, I'm not going to tell Mom. But you better be ready to suck me anytime." "Alright" Then he said, "You know that was awesome. I'd also like to watch you do that stuff with the candle again too. That was really hot. I know I laughed at you, but it kinda made me hard seeing you doing that."The next day asian nude loli was Saturday and we were home alone. He woke me up with my candle in his hand and asked me if I wanted to play. I was already hard because of my morning wood. I told him to get the Vaseline and I lubed my ass and the candle. My brother sat down at the end of my bed so he could watch and see everything. I could see he was rock hard and some stuff was already leaking from the head of his dick.I pulled my legs up. "Oh god. This is so cool." He said. "I can't believe I'm looking at my brothers asshole and liking it." I laughed. I put the candle back there and started to work it in. To my surprise, my brother came up close so he could watch it go in. "Jesus Christ, that's so cool. Does it feel good?" I shook my head and said "uh huh." I started breathing a little heavy as I worked the candle in and out. I had my legs pulled way up to my chest, as far as I could get them so my brother could look at my asshole and see everything I was doing.He wanted to do me with the candle, so he had me get on all fours in front of him so he could work the candle in my ass. I got in a doggy position on the floor, just like when he caught me and he got behind me. cp pics tgp loli He softly and slowly worked the candle back in my ass hole. In and out he moved it. I was dripping cum he was too. This felt so wrong that it felt so good. I felt the candle slide all the way out. I teen lolitta couldn't believe what happened next. My brother started to finger my asshole. He started with one finger and then I felt two inside me. He moved them in and out then in a circular manner and then he spread pink porn loli my hole apart. I was in heaven and I guess he couldn't hold off any longer. I heard him start to moan and then I felt his hot cum on my back, running down my ass. I turned over on my back, fingered my ass ls lolicon cp and shot my load on my stomach.That afternoon, my brother came into my room completely naked, his cock sticking straight up. "You wanna play again?" I said sure.He grabbed my candle, but this time he put the Vaseline on it and on my ass as I got in the doggy position again. He put his fingers in and played with my asshole for a little, teasing me. "Put it in." I begged. "Put the candle in my ass and fuck me with it." I couldn't believe I was saying these things. I felt the candle slide loli newsgroups free in my ass, but hentai loli porn this time it felt different. It was a little bigger and somewhat softer. I soon realized what he had done. It wasn't the candle at all, it was his dick; he had put his dick in me. Then I heard my brother say "Jesus Christ that feels so fucking good. I knew it would. I knew it would. I'm so glad I caught you with the candle because I've been thinking about fucking you for a long time." "How does it feel?" I couldn't say anything because I was breathing and moaning so hard. He started to pump me. In and out he moved. "I'm gonna come already dude. I'm gonna cummmmmmmm." I jerked my cock hard and came as he slammed my ass the last couple of times before he shot his load inside my asshole. As we came we both moaned so loud, we knew we could never do this when someone was around because we'd be caught.
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